Creative Collaboration : Projects that make Sense & Cents

What is creative collaboration? Well, at Konza, we like to think of it as bringing two creative clients together to work on creating a campaign that benefits them both. A large part of collaborations like this working out is based on sense and cents. Yes, you read that correct.

A collaboration has to make sense for both parties, otherwise what’s the point? Trying to convince or force both parties to the table or even one of them is a sure sign for failure. We’ve seen it a couple of times. We (the visionaries that we are), once got excited that we had found two clients who would make beautiful content and also profit from the collaboration. We introduced them and with bated breath, expected to hear that they had hit it off and had brainstormed every imaginable campaign.

We waited, we twiddled our thumbs and finally we got the response we never expected. One client could see the potential but had some minimal reservations but other than that, they were on board. What an anti climax. There was no fanfare or excitement that we thought would be present. The other client, wasn’t as enthusiastic but said they would try it out but didn’t see it working. Immediate red flag. We should have known then that it wasn’t going to work out. However, we were on a winning streak of wonderful project collaborations that we shrugged off the niggling voice telling us to GET OUT!

Three weeks later after many emails, whatsapp messages and phone calls we were set to launch a campaign. Guess what? One of the clients sent a message explicitly telling us that they wanted us to hold off. They weren’t too pleased with the campaign anymore. All of a sudden, they had extra stipulations.  That’s when it sunk in. When you bring two people together to work on a project, there should be an ease to it. Sometimes clients will not get the vision as quickly as we do but eventually there should be an “Aha, this is genius, here’s how we will work together.”

One of the main reasons why that “Aha!” moment doesn’t happen or lags is simply because it not only doesn’t make sense but it doesn’t make cents. Money. Profitability. People party to a project want to know that not only will their brand get something in terms of exposure but that they will eventually get some sort of return on the investment that they put in. Preferably financial of course.

It’s a fine line that we tread. Making sure that creative collaborations make sense and cents for our clients but we are always happy when they do.

Here’s what we have learned:

  • Ensure that both parties to projects understand the responsibilities required of them. Not just the benefits of the collaboration.
  • Make sure you iron out any issues or potential issues that could interfere with the collaboration going well. Especially if it is regarding financial compensation.
  • Be clear about the benefits. Ensure that both parties are clear about their expectations. If possible, get them to sign an MOU. In lieu of an MOU, emails are great to go back to, to establish how conversations evolved.
  • As the go-between, listen to your intuition. As a co-collaborator, listen to your intuition. Speak up. If you don’t feel that a project isn’t right for you from the beginning, shut it down immediately.

What are some of the rules that you apply to collaborative projects? Share with us in the comments! If you are a blogger or a potential client and would like to collaborate with us, drop us a message via our contact us page!

P.s Keep an eye out for a collaboration that we are super excited about between Katee’s Organics and one of our fave family blogs, The Kapambwe’s 

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