Getting Back on Track

Mid-year is knocking frantically at the door and you are disappointed with yourself for not having done half the things you promised yourself (and others). It always seems like the next person has it all together as you paddle in your never ending pity parties. Well, you are not alone BUT that should not make you comfortable either!

Life has its uncertainties and challenges but we have to make a deliberate effort to rise up, even if we have fallen six or seven times before. The fact that you are breathing means there’s a purpose for you. You are a solution to someone’s jigsaw puzzle. It just takes a brief look around at what others are struggling with for one to realize that their issue or hiccup is not as bad as they originally thought it was.

Courage isn’t about knowing everything. Its about ‘doing it afraid’. You could be shaking like a leaf inside but on the outside you look rock solid, nobody can even tell your struggle. What’s done is done. There’s a chance to change your mind to change your life.

So today if you are disappointed with yourself for not achieving what you had set out to do between January and June and you feel time has run out, (it happens to most of us), DON’T BE. Pick yourself up! Shake off the dust and disappointments. With your head up high, be assured that it is not too late. Life’s issues don’t promise to end. It is through harsh and hard times that your mind finds solutions, deep inspirations.

Don’t look at what you do not have to make a leap. Look at what you have in your hands (your talent). The great thing about life is when you feel you have gone off track, you can always get back on track. Just change your mind and you will change your life. In our next blog we will be talking about how Small is the New Big. Do not be ashamed of your small, its the New big!

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