It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Ride

This time last year my business partner and I had grandiose plans. We were ready to grow our business beyond what it was and one of the key factors to our success was to input more time into the day to day operations. Easy enough. We figured out how a husband, two kids, school, a  busy nine to five and even busier personal calendars would somehow allow our business to fit in. It was going to be a tight squeeze but it was going to be manageable.


With our strategy in place and consideration of our short and long term goals in clear view, we set about putting in time into our business. We instantly saw results. Gained more clients. Learned new lessons that helped mould us professionally and personally. We were on a roll. Even one or two difficult moments or periods didn’t really slow us down. It just made us more of aware of what we needed to do and how to do it better.


Then something we both didn’t plan on happening changed not only the personal plans for one of us but also the plans for the business. Obviously we decided to adapt to the new status quo but we could not and still can not prepare for every eventuality. Which is where we learned our biggest lesson professionally.


Many Konza clients come to us to help them prepare for every eventuality. After all, we should know  what bumps lay ahead or foresee as far into the future when helping our clients to plan for their business success. As much as possible we attempt to do this. If we toot our own horn for a bit, we tend to  effectively notice the issues clients need help with in a short period of time whereas clients may not see them at all.


Some things happen that no matter how well you planned for it or even if you didn’t plan for it, it throws you and your business strategy out of line. To make it worse, try as you might you can’t rescue yourself from the situation. It could be a personal circumstance that derails you, e.g you or  your business partner gets married, pregnant, loses a parent etc. These are things you can plan around or you think you can plan around. All of a sudden, the pregnant business partner may have a difficult pregnancy and have to take leave a lot sooner and for longer than you both planned. Or your business partner who gets married may need to move out of town or country.

All of a sudden you are in a period of adjustment that not only affects you but your business plans as well.

It can suddenly be overwhelming and stressful because these periods of adjustment are often up and down and often take priority. Yes, even over your business. So what do you do about it?

  1. Accept you are in for a bumpy ride. The worst thing is being in denial and trying to do it all. It’s OK to say that you are unsure of how the next few months or the rest of the year will pan out. Waiting and seeing can also be a strategy.
  2. Take a beat or wait and see. During a period of adjustment, knowing what is going to change or has changed in your life and how it has or will impact your business and life is important before you return to the drawing board too strategise.
  3. Be realistic and give yourself a time period to fully adjust but don’t put pressure on yourself. Do you think that three or four months is a good time frame for you to adjust or will you need more time? Give yourself time to settle and figure out your next move.

With that said, forgive us while we go through our own period of adjustment. You will see a few changes here at Konza but each change will be aimed at making Konza bigger, better and more efficient.


Tell us in the comments if you went through a period of adjustment that affected your business or your plans. How di you work around it?

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