The latest buzz word on the entrepreneurial streets is, Mumpreneur. I must confess that prior to giving birth to my own bundle of joy, I had never paid more than a passing interest to the concept of mumpreneurs. The idea of managing to combine the crazy work hours of an entrepreneur with the the crazier mum hours almost seem impossible. After all, I had been told that you CAN’T have it all. Something must suffer or fall by the wayside. I thought I wa sready and quite happy for that something to be work. Then reality hit. Aside from the financial need to continue working, I was surprised that being a mum and all the work attached to it fulfilled my personal goals but my desire to set the world ablaze still lingered.

It reminded me that, I wanted more. I wanted it all. I was enjoying my maternity leave but somewhere after diaper change 200, I realised I was itching to discuss work,plan projects and strategise with my business partner. I wanted to put my gorgeous son down for his morning nap and use the next two hours not only to sneak in a cheeky nap, attend to laundry and prep the evening meal but to sit at my laptop and answer emails, check on clients and perhaps put on my consulting hat on as well.

I soon realised  that the new addition to my life wasn’t so keen on letting my well meaning plans go ahead. One week I had two hours between naps to work and then the next week I had a fussy baby that required my attention to the point where I was feeding, changing diapers, singing to, calming down and generally caring for my child from morning to evening.My two hour free time gaps disappeared. In the evening when my husband returned I was exhausted. I became frustrated and down about the possibility of being a mum and running my business. I had to take a few steps back and in taking those steps back, I researched to see how other mums were managing and came across so many mumpreneurs who were living their best lives.

So I’m here to give YOU a few tips to start you off  if you are a budding mumpreneur :

1.Take you time

In hindsight I was rushing the mumpreneur life. My child and myself had not discovered a semi consistent routine. One where I could plan work around my mum duties. If you and the little one aren’t ready,take a breath. Step back. This might not be a choice you can make especially if financial constraints have you going back to work sooner rather than later but try and make sure if you can,you delay returning to the grind. If you can’t delay, approach each task with consideration and take your time. Don’t try to impress clients with your bounce back by promising completion of work in a short time.

2.Organisation is key (As best as you can)

If there is one thing I learned from all the mumpreneur articles and my own life was the need to organise your life in such a way where work was done at certain times so that it didn’t clash with mummy duties. How do you organise? Look at when you have guaranteed extra time? If it’s one hour, plan your hour of freedom wisely. I remember I wasted a free hour because I hadn’t bothered to organise the area I was planning to work in. To Do Lists will be your life and help you remember what you need to do. However if you don’t complete your tasks today,schedule them for the next day.

3.   Get Inspired

It was lovely to find and read articles from mumpreneurs and about mumpreneurs. In my own circle of friends and family I chatted to the mums who I knew were managing to run a business and still look after their child/children. They gave me a lot of insight about what not to do but also inspired me with their tales of success and failure.

4. Keep Learning

Being a new and first time mum is a constant reminder that one day you think you have everything together. You know what to do with your child. The next day? You have to start over because you feel as though you know nothing. Your decision to become a mumpreneur will be exactly like this.To limit your frustration,remember you are continually learning and embrace it. Nothing is set in stone and what worked one week may not work next month.That’s ok.

Are you a mumpreneur? What advice do you have? Or do you have any questions for us?Share with us in the comments section!



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