The Reality: Second Income Streams


At Konza, we have a lot of clients that come in and tell us that they would like help with their “side business” or their “dream”. The reason? They need the money, a second income coming into the home. Other times, people tell us that they simply want to do what they love and get paid for it. All reasonable requests and thinking, right?

We have enough clients coming in with requests like these so we stepped our game up and did some extra research about second income streams. It seems so simple but we would often find that there was always some little hurdle stopping our clients from pursuing a second income stream as a reality.

First off, let’s understand what options you have when it comes to a second income stream.

“Your additional income streams can be active, passiveĀ or a combination of the two. Some may pay you for doing something that you love (active), while others can provide income for you without your having to do much of anything at all (passive).”Hal Elrod*

I know what you are thinking. Passive income is where you need to be. Ideally for those working 9am -5pm , passive income is the best and easiest option. When you look at the Zambian landscape it is rare to find opportunities that require little of your input and little of your funds.

Some passive income ideas include but are not limited to:

  • Blogging – start a blog and set up affiliate links
  • Rental Property – Yes become a landlord.
  • Investment portfolio – Ever thought of buying some shares?
  • Rent a room or space… anything

These are some of the ideas we found online but they all require some background work and investment. Which leads us back to active income streams. Everything and we mean everything you think of that is a potential income stream will require some input, from financial to your time. You will need to DO the work.

The conclusion? Look for something you love to do and make money from it. A second income stream is not as easy as you might think and it’s not meant to be. There are a lot of cliche bits of advice that you will hear, “Put a 100% to get back 100%”.

As always, at Konza we encourage you to write a list. Write a list of all the things you are good at that you can provide as a service. List anything you own that can be used for another purpose ( a spare room to be rented out as a storage room, a car that can can be used for car pooling or babysitting).

If nothing else you have a little extra savings for a rainy day or capital to grow your business.

What are some of your tips for passive or active income? Share with us in the comments!



  • Credit | Hal Elrod


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